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Each year LifeFilmFest streams its films worldwide from midnight of Thanksgiving  (12a.m. Eastern)

Viewing is then available throughout the year.

Award voting is through Midnight December 31 (New Year's Eve) 12 am Eastern (GMT -5)

During the remainder of the year the public may attend Life Fest at any time and stream films in their homes with purchased tickets.


Enjoy all the films and feel free to offer your own opinions for Life Fest and filmmakers consideration.

Reminder: ONLY votes cast Thanksgiving through NewYears will be tallied by judges for application to the various award categories.

Be sure to take notes as you watch. Your feedback is important to us and to the individual filmmakers! Every paying viewer will be offered a ballot.

Current season's films are labled as Life Fest XXIV and are now in our catalog.



This Film festival is extraordinary in the entertainment industry.  Life Fest is dedicated to honoring films which underscore the significance of each human life, and in particular the seemingly insignificant life.

This is your story. It is mine. We grow, and are transformed all the more when we realize that we are not alone in our individual challenges in Life! And to be honest, others have gone before us and faced even greater challenges.  

About Life Fest


“...because of …(fill in condition or circumstance) It is probably better to not let them come into this world and suffer.”

Of older or debilitated patients: “I would never want to live like that.”

“They’ve lived the best part of their life… it would be a kindness to not let … age/illness/circumstance destroy the ‘quality’ of their life.”

These sentiments often go unsaid, but are nevertheless clearly implied by medical professionals and laymen alike.

About Life Fest

12 Years In the Heart of the Entertainment Industry!

Raleigh Studios in Hollywood has been a principal venue. We have also screened at LA Live, Family Theater on Sunset, and the Prospector Lodge venue in Park City, UT.  

This year you will have the chance to view these new and old filmmakers in your own home, via your desktop, or phone, laptop, or preferably by screening to your own ‘big screen’ in the comfort of your living room.  Tell your friends! It’s a full-fledged film festival in your own home!

Again, thank you for supporting the most important festival in the industry, Life Fest Film Festival!